PHP SSH2 on Fedora Core the easy way

Installing the PHP SSH2 extension on Fedora is a pain in the backside unless you know how. There are countless examples for Ubuntu but everyone seems to leave the Red Hat family in the dark.

Here is the easy way to do it:

[theamoeba@amoeba2]# yum install php-pecl-ssh2
[theamoeba@amoeba2]# service httpd restart

2 thoughts on “PHP SSH2 on Fedora Core the easy way

    • Yeah I know, RHEL is a kak distro but lots of companies still use it, including ourselves. We went with Fedora years ago because at the time Ubuntu/Debian did not work as well as they do now. I am thinking about maybe moving to a Debian based environment at some stage, but for now I sit with Fedora and Centos. :)

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