My Macbook Broke “sobs”

I have started doing development on my iPad which should be interesting.

The reasons is that my Macbook broke recently “sob” so I have been working on Windows again for a bit which is not too bad… But there are things that I miss like the Terminal and Alfred App. While I have found ways to make Windows work in a similar way it just isn’t the same.

The solution for me then is to move all of my development into the “cloud”. I say that in quotes because the cloud lives in my company’s data centre :D . So I have been using Vim (with a ton of cool plugins) and SSH for most of my development now. I read this blog post a while ago and wanted to try it out but I didn’t have an iPad then. Now I do so I am going to give it a bash (hehe, no pun intended).

I am currently using the zaTelnet app but I want to move to iSSH sometime soon. zaTelnet is not too bad but it is a bit like Putty which I find a bit basic, also it does not support VNC or X Server.

The server is running Ubuntu Server 12.04 on Citrix Xenserver. Then it just has the standard LAMP stack as well as Xdebug for PHP and Drupal development. I am using Vim for writing code with the NERDTree plugin which is a file manager sidebar toggle allowing you to open multiple file in Vim without needing to know all of the file paths.

I am also running Tmux which allows you to have multiple window sessions inside your terminal and you can also save those sessions and come back to them whenever you feel like it

I will be blogging about how I find working on the iPad in a series of blog posts :) so look out for that. Also if you would like me to post my Vim configs and plugins and any other configuration files let me know in the comments or send me an email.

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