Fresh pasta…

And it worked. It took me a while to get that just about 100g flour and 1 egg were going to make a couple of bits of spagetti or whatever shape you want.

I am reading HEAT at the moment and Bill Buford’s making of fresh pasta interested me. Actually I lie, well that is sort of true, actually I was first interested in making my own pasta after watching a short clip of Jamie Oliver explaining how to do it.

Anyway, all that nonsense aside. I gave it a try this morning and it didn’t come out half bad. I don’t have any pasta creating contraptions. So I used a Braun “blender” thing and a rolling pin. Basically to make the version I made you throw an egg per person into a blender and then about 100g of flour per egg. In my case it was 1 egg and about 100g flour as I said at the beginning.

The measurements are sort of immaterial though as you must just add flour until the consistency is right. The mixture will make slightly sticky yellow balls. Once you are happy with the mix you just throw it onto a longish surface that is covered in flour so that the mix doesn’t stick to the table forever.

You then want to either go to the shop and buy a pasta flattening machine or just use a rolling pin like I did. If you are using a rolling pin just keep flattening the sheet of egg/flour until you are happy with it, the flatter the better but not microscopic.

Once it is flat you can cut it into weird shapes or make a kind of spaghetti out of it. You can get a machine to do this or like me do it by hand. So you just sort of fold the sheet up into a long rectangle, making sure to flour between each fold so it doesn’t stick.

Then you just use a sharp knife and cut slices out of it. I made mine pretty thick which was not such a good idea, so probably a max of about 1 cm wide. But it is all up to you. Italian cooking is not about being precise. Hehe.

If you are interested in cooking I would recommend that you read HEAT. It has a lot of insight about good food, how to cook it and also what happens behind the scenes in the kitchen of most decent restaurants.